Gary Hausdorfer

President and Chief Executive Officer


Jan Mittermeier
Chief Operating Officer



David Hartt
Senior Vice President


Jodie Talley
Senior Vice President


Christopher Burke
Vice President, Business Development

Darla Casby
Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Jill Stefanelli
Vice President, Customer Service and Processing




Carly Lancaster
Director, Communications and Administration

Michelle Ahn
Director, Human Resources

Gordon Wennerstrom
Operations Manager, MnPASS






Gary Hausdorfer, President and Chief Executive Officer


Gary brings more than 30 years of leadership, knowledge and experience in moving major transportation and toll road projects forward through often difficult local, regional, state and national public processes. His experience encompasses development, finance and management of multi-modal transportation systems and technologically advanced toll facilities that are customer friendly and provide value and choices for commuters. Gary has extensive experience in the private sector as both a principal and senior executive. His experience includes public-private partnership development, corporate strategic planning and consultation to government and private industry.


As a former chairman of the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), Gary has intimate understanding of the pressing transportation needs facing fast growing metropolitan regions and the challenges of improving mobility to meet future needs. Gary was a founding member of a board of directors of the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) that created and shaped a historic public agency that would plan, develop and operate new toll roads in Southern California with private financing -- a model of public-private partnership. He served as chairman and director of the TCA as it launched Orange County’s successful toll road system that employs the latest in automatic tolling technology.


During his tenure, Orange County’s transportation system expanded into a modern multi-modal system offering a wide variety of choices for commuters, including toll roads, commuter rail and the number one bus transit system in the United States.


Since joining Cofiroute USA in 2003, Gary’s extensive experience in business, finance, transportation, public works, government and land use planning ensure that Cofiroute USA stays at the forefront of toll operations, customer service and technology in the toll and transportation industry. He continues to promote public-private partnerships as a solution to the enormous unfunded transportation needs in the United States.


His history of public service includes serving four terms as mayor of San Juan Capistrano, Calif. He is the longest serving mayor in the city’s history. Gary has been honored with numerous local, state and federal commendations, including the prestigious Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Award, which he received from President George H.W Bush at a White House ceremony in 1990. He is a guest lecturer at University of California, Irvine; a member of the Blue Ribbon Committee at California State University, Fullerton, and a member of IBTTA and has been a keynote speaker and panel member at transportation forums in North America and Europe.


Gary is a graduate of California State University at Los Angeles (B.S) and the University of Southern California.





Jan Mittermeier, Chief Operating Officer


Jan Mittermeier is the chief operating officer for Cofiroute USA. She also served as the Cofiroute USA program manager for the 91 Express Lanes for seven years. She is responsible for overseeing all operations of the company. Jan is a recognized authority in strategic planning and organizational management.


Her more than 30 years of previous experience includes serving in various executive management positions in both government and private industries. Her accomplishments include managing a $300,000,000 expansion for the John Wayne Airport in Orange County and developing and implementing the workout plan that enabled the county of Orange to emerge from the biggest municipal bankruptcy in history just 18 months after Jan took over as county CEO.


Jan has received accolades from numerous organizations, including the National Association of Business Owners, the League of Women Voters and the Women's League of America in honor of her professional accomplishments and expertise.  She has been named as one of Governing Magazine's National Public Officials of the Year, one of the Orange County Business Journal's Most Influential People in Orange County, granted the California State University, Long Beach Distinguished Alumna Award, named 2009 Woman of the Year by the California State Legislature and has been awarded a certificate of special congressional recognition.


In addition, she has conducted leadership-training workshops and taught management and leadership principles and principles of government budgeting to students at California State University, Long Beach.


Jan earned an MBA in business administration and graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in accounting from California State University, Long Beach. Jan is a certified public accountant.


Jan has participated in the Professional Accreditation Academy – American Association of Airport Executives, and the University of California, Irvine’s Executive Management Extension Program. Jan currently serves as vice president of the California State University, Fullerton Mihaylo College of Business and Economics executive council board. Jan has also previously served on the UCI advisory committee for planning and social ecology, on the executive board and nominating committee for the Orange County Girl Scout Council, and on the bond oversight board for the Huntington Beach Unified High School District.





 David Hartt, Senior Vice President


David Hartt has been a leader in managing information systems for over twenty seven years. His experience spans a number of different industries including transportation, energy, food distribution and technology. His past experiences have included work in information technology operations, finance and accounting, purchasing and vendor management, and call center and data center design and Implementation. David brings a track record of successful system implementation and managing ongoing performance of IT operations.  David joined Cofiroute USA as IT Manager of the 91 Express Lanes where he completed a number of projects including expansion of the Anaheim data center and a review of all IT operations. He was lead project manager for the implementation of a fully integrated back office system for the 91 Express Lanes that now manages every operating, reporting and customer service detail. David attended Cal State University Long Beach (B.A.).





Jodie Talley, Senior Vice President


Jodie Talley serves as senior vice president and program manager in charge of the daily operations of the 91 Express Lanes for the operating contract with the Orange County Transportation Authority and currently reports to the COO of Cofiroute USA.


Jodie joined Cofiroute USA in 2001. Before her promotion to senior vice president in October of 2011, Jodie served as the vice president of customer service and violation processing for six years and as processing manager for four years.  Her responsibilities in her previous roles included overseeing department managers for customer service and processing centers including violation recovery, as well as end-user database testing. She established the first benchmark measurements for each functional area in the processing department to ensure a proper measure of success is achieved. Communication of information, staff tools and cross-functional training are fundamental in all areas she oversees to develop strength and depth of knowledge in the toll road operations of the 91 Express Lanes.


Jodie was able to use her years of experience and knowledge of the back-office system and processes, from the end-user’s experience, to help oversee the successful development and implementation of Cofiroute USA’s new tolling system software.


Jodie is an experienced manager with more than 20 years in leadership and management positions in a variety of industries including toll road operations, telecommunications and parking citation services. Her previous experience includes development and implementation of a customer service department for an internet marketing firm, back-office operations and project lead of billing conversion product for a California statewide telecommunication company.




Christopher Burke, Vice President, Business Development

Christopher Burke is vice president of business development for Cofiroute USA.  He is responsible for working with federal, state and local transportation agencies and private firms involved in the strategy, planning, financing and development of new tolling projects in North America.   Christopher is in charge of all business development communications, negotiations and the organization of all new project bids for Cofiroute USA.


Prior to joining Cofiroute USA, Christopher served the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) for five years in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) group.  He was heavily involved in the purchase of the South Bay Expressway (SR 125) by SANDAG, which included overseeing the toll system due diligence investigation and supporting the transition of expressway operations into SANDAG. His other responsibilities included the implementation of I-15 FasTrak managed lanes, a $24 million tolling system and the overall management of local, state and federal regulations for HOV, HOT and toll lanes.   He also supervised regional tolling operations, the 511 Regional Traveler Information Systems and the launch of the region’s online rideshare program, iCommute. Prior to entering the transportation industry, Christopher worked as product manager in the technology field, focused on customer service.


He holds a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of San Francisco and a master’s degree in public administration from San Diego State University.





Darla Casby, Vice President, Finance and Accounting


Darla Casby has been with Cofiroute USA since 2005 and currently is serving as vice president, finance and accounting.  Her responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of finance and accounting including financial statement preparation, budgeting, cash and risk management, and development and standardization of policies and procedures between the various Cofiroute USA projects.  Prior to her promotion, Darla served as accounting manager in charge of the 91 Express Lanes.  Her duties included overseeing all general accounting activities for the 91 Express Lanes such as journal entry preparation, cash and account reconciliations, financial statement analysis, physical audits of assets, internal audits, interagency (IOP) oversight and reconciliations, accounts payable and accounts receivable.


She has more than 25 years of experience including positions held in both public accounting and private industry.  She has served as controller for an electronic manufacturing company where she oversaw all areas of finance and accounting, risk management and human resources.  During her service in public accounting, her experience included financial statement preparation related to audits, reviews and compilations, tax preparation and planning for various entities, internal control review and assessment, and preparation of other governmental reporting forms.


Darla is a certified public accountant.  She has earned an associate degree in business administration from Cerritos College and a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Cal State University Long Beach. 





Jill Stefanelli, Vice President, Customer Service and Processing


Jill participated in the early stages of operations for the 91 Express Lanes customer service department assisting in establishing the initial customer service center located in Corona, Calif., which today manages over 170,000 accounts. Her expertise was essential in the development of customer relations, focus groups, marketing materials, and processes necessary for developing this award winning customer service center.


As customer service center manager, Jill played an essential role in the project’s transition from a privately owned facility to public sector ownership when, in January 2003, the Orange County Transportation Authority purchased the project. Public ownership required new processes be implemented and from the customers’ vantage point, Jill facilitated these changes seamlessly.


Jill’s vast knowledge in the field of customer relations, account management and violations processing was an invaluable asset during the design and development stages of Cofiroute USA’s new back-office software system. Her years of experience with the 91 Express Lanes’ operating processes and her interpersonal relationships with customers proved to be the cornerstone on which this software was built.


As Cofiroute USA’s vice president of customer services and violations processing for the 91 Express Lanes, Jill oversees the administrative team responsible for the facilitation of OCTA customer accounts, interoperability transactions, and the processing of customer and non/customer violations.





Carly Lancaster, Director, Communications and Administration


Carly Lancaster is director of communications and administration for Cofiroute USA. She has been with Cofiroute USA for eight years.  She has extensive experience in the fields of accounting, organizational management and corporate communications.


Carly plays a major role in international communications between Cofiroute USA and the parent companies, Cofiroute SA and VINCI, both located in Paris, France.  She is the executive director of VINCI Club Pivot North America which includes over 25 subsidiaries of VINCI within North America.


Carly is the recipient of the 2009 VINCI Innovation Award for international marketing and services excellence. She also served as a juror on the International Region Jury for the 2011 VINCI Innovation Awards.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a California state teaching credential from California State University, Fullerton.





 Michelle Ahn, Director, Human Resources

Michelle Ahn is the director of human resources for Cofiroute USA.  Since joining Cofiroute USA as a business analyst nearly 10 years ago, Michelle has become a certified human resources professional with direct responsibility for the overall administration, coordination and evaluation of human resources.  Her duties involve the development and implementation of personnel policies and procedures, employee relations, recruitment, ensuring legal and safety compliance and benefits administration.


Michelle is a member of the Vinci North America Human Resources Committee and works with more than 25 Vinci subsidiary companies in North America to identify trends, compliance issues and to ensure that Cofiroute USA employees benefit from the most recent information beneficial to their working environment.


Michelle received her PHR certification from the HR Certification Institute and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Riverside.




Gordon Wennerstrom, Operations Manager, MnPASS


Gordon Wennerstrom is an experienced leader in transportation related management with more than 30 years of experience in the transportation and airport management field.  He has been Cofiroute USA’s operations manager for the MnPASS Express Lanes in Minnesota since July 1, 2010.  The MnPASS Project converted former HOV lanes to HOT lanes on two major Twin Cities freeways.  Additional HOT lane construction is under consideration by the Minnesota Legislature as well.


His previous ground transportation related experience includes responsibility for multi-terminal management of major segments of the commercial transportation using Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP).  He was also the project manager for development of MSP’s automated vehicle identification system. 


He has been involved in the management of a variety of business segments including ground transportation operations, passenger and cargo air service development and community relations as it relates to establishing partnerships with public and private sectors to promote additional air service, lease negotiations and property management, retail and food/beverage operations, warehouses, hotels, an office park and major airline maintenance facilities.  In his role as director of commercial management and airline affairs at MSP, he was responsible for lease negotiations, leasing activities and administration, property management, project management, and facility uses by airlines, ground transportation operators, retail and food/beverage concessions, and businesses related to the use of terminals, roadways, land, warehouses, hotels, an office park, hangars, airline main bases, major maintenance facilities and other airport-owned properties. 


Gordon holds a B.B.A. from Metropolitan State University.


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